Love + Bixi

« L’amour n’a point d’âge : il est toujours naissant » – Blaise Pascal Bixi has become the new church hall... Read More

The Bixi reaches Ottawa-Gatineau

Did you know that the Bixi, Montreal’s public bike system, now has stations in the Nation’s Capital? But this isn’t... Read More

Cycling in Copenhagen in the 1970s

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Bruce McCulloch’s Open Letter to his Bike Thief and the people who watched his Bike Thief thief his bike

« First they came for the Bixis, and I said nothing. » – Pastor Martin Niemöller La station Bixi devant chez moi a ét... Read More

An Open Letter to my Bike Thief

To my dear friend Thief: You know who you are; you stole the rear tire off my bicycle. I don’t hate you, I fear for your welfare. You... Read More

The diciest part of my commute

Over the past few months I’ve come to know the Boul. St. Laurent underpass between the Mile End and Little Italy quite well... Read More

Bixi on iPhone now (officially) available

There has been an interesting controversy brewing about the use of a user-created application for iPhones and Blackberries to track... Read More

Interactive Series: Montreal’s Worst Intersections

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Le Bixi sous un angle innovateur

Le petit bonhomme prend à tâche d’utiliser le nouvel appareil qui se trouvait dans sa rue. « Qu’est-ce que c’est ? ... Read More

Le Bixi sous un angle différent

Vous avez été très nombreux à répondre à notre article de la semaine dernière qui demandait vos premières impressions du Bixi. Les... Read More