Where in Ottawa, Round 2: time for the cheat sheet

Canadian Museum of Nature: Victorian, haunted, under renovation, and *not* the answer

No one has correctly guessed the correct answer to last week’s puzzler. To refresh memories, here it is again:

While I currently sit unassumingly at the base of the city, stripped down, but encased, I once played host to spectacles and even the Prime Minister. What structure am I?

So it’s time to break out the cheat-sheet and make with the extra hints:

  1. I am not the Musuem of Nature (Victoria Memorial Building)
  2. I am located in the northern portion of downtown.
  3. I have a very large mechanical unit on my rooftop, and it is very apparent.
  4. There is little visible evidence of my previous use left showing on my exterior, but the bones remain.

As well as sending us your guess, you can also email us to submit your own clues for upcoming editions of Where in Ottawa.

photo by Colin Henein