Week in review: the headlines


Council passes budget, 3.77% tax hike. Bus routes, tree trimming slated for cuts win reprieve, but at cost of higher transit fares (Ottawa Citizen)

City seeks citizens’ ideas for Lansdowne urban park (MetroNews Ottawa)

Committee introduces new anti-poverty strategy (CBC Ottawa)


Key Carleton landmarks circled for major facelift. Updated master plan urges replacement of Paterson Hall among other recommendations (Ottawa Citizen)


More cyclists brave elements to commute year-round (Ottawa Citizen)


Hume is the man to watch. If he runs for mayor, election will be about ideas, the future (Ottawa Citizen)


Ottawa was chosen as UNESCO’s first pilot site for Sustainability & Cities Study

photo by Aaron Bihari

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  1. The only comment I have to make is how utterly reactionary most of the comments about winter cyclists are. They drag in unrelated issues to tar these cyclists: the gentleman featured in the article is of my vintage and I doubt he is a hotshot who would run down pedestrians.

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