Apt613 Photo Essay: Lesser Known Buildings

Ottawa-the national capital, often overshadows Ottawa-the place to live. This is particularly true in architecture, where institutions like parliament, the Museum of Civilization and the National Art Gallery of Canada grab all the attention. Today, Apartment613 is featuring a photo essay by photographer Steve McCullough that explores some of the structures that – while not national treasures – help to give the city its unique style.

Steve uses his camera to bring out the extraordinary in the everyday, even capturing the infamous City Center in an attractive light.

Frequently voted the ugliest building in Ottawa, the City Centre is nonetheless a notable landmark. At the very least it makes for an unusually industrial presence in a town notable for its relative lack of industry. From certain angles and in certain light, this warehouse complex can be said to have a certain charm, but it remains a building that most residents of Chinatown and Hintonburg love to hate.

The Belltown Dome, the Old CBC Building and even Tunny’s Paster get similar treatment, as do many of the houses and churches that many Ottawans walk by every day, but often never take the time to appreciate. Think of Steve’s post as your own personal digital Jane’s Walk around the lesser-known buildings of Ottawa.