Photos of a landmark withered away: 50 years of Lansdowne inertia

Editor’s note: The following post first appeared in  Marie-Judith Jean-Louis’s  Modern Ottawa (MOOT) blog. Passionate about modern and innovative design, Marie-Judith is Ottawa-based interior designer and owner of M2JL STUDIO | modern interiors. In addition to MOOT, she writes regular blogs for M2JL STUDIO and occasionally writes for the Ottawa Citizen.  She teaches decorating classes at La Cité Collégiale.

There’s a lot of debate going on about the future of Lansdowne Park. A couple days ago, I heard a conversation on the radio about the future plans for Lansdowne and the new proposed designs. The hosts were arguing as to whether or not anything would eventually happen. Apparently, debates about Lansdowne have been going on since the 1980s.

For contrast, here is a picture of Shanghai in 1990:

Here’s a picture of the same place in 2010, 20 years later. A lot has changed and evolved in 20 years, right? Things are obviously happening there.

Okay, now let’s do the same for Lansdowne. Here a picture of the exhibition grounds in 1962…

And here’s a picture of the exhibitions grounds in 2007, 45 years later. Notice any major changes?

Okay, what if we go a little further back? Let’s compare Lansdowne of 1954 to Landsdowne of 2007. Surely there has got to be a bit of evolution in 53 years, right? Nope. Actually, it looks like there were more back then.