PODCAST: St Mary-le-Bow’s bells in London, England


You know when you’re exploring a city for the first time and you turn a corner only to stumble upon something completely unexpected?

This is what happened to Spacing producer Mieke Anderson on a recent trip to London, England. Initially, it was only a faint sound barely within earshot. Then suddenly she was face-to-face with the St Mary-le-Bow Church and consumed by the ringing of its famous bells. Wandering the streets of London you’ll still hear people say that you’re only a true Londoner or Cockney if you’re born within the sound of the Bow bells.

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  1. The bells at St. Mary-le-Bow do change ringing, a particularly English style of bell ringing that involves constantly changing permutations.  I’m a change ringer myself, having learned the art in Victoria, BC.  There are seven towers in Canada set up for change ringing: Victoria, Vancouver, Mission, Calgary,Toronto, Quebec City (2 towers).  Unfortunately, Ottawa is not counted among the list.

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