Skyscraperpage Forum, and keeping it private from the man

Above: A digitally-created image of The Shard London Bridge, expected to be completed in 2012. Copyright holder is the Sellar Group.

For 13 years, predating blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, the internationally-known SkyScraper Page has been hosting discussions, posting diagrams, and generally promoting a discussion around not just tall buildings but all aspects of the urban built environment.

Most cities around the world now have their own SkyScraper forum; Ottawa’s can be viewed here.

Skyscraper Page readers and contributors were among the “early-adopters” of Spacing Ottawa. Many post to SkyScraper using a nickname; often they are planning or design professionals who may feel the need for a measure of anonymity in cases where their personal opinions might get mistaken for those of their employers. Like, for example, when they are talking about design or planning.

To encourage these engaged and knowledgeable voices, we are making a promise to SkyScraper contributors reading this –you can use your Skyscraper identity in the comment section of Spacing Ottawa, and be rest assured that Spacing Ottawa will respect your wish for a pseudonym. Our comment form needs a valid email address, but it is not displayed publicly on the site.