Across the Ottawa Spaces – 23 December 2012

Eric Darwin presents a series of essays on the Confederation Line LRT as currently planned out, comparing what’s currently envisioned to what was previously designed, noticing the probable consequences for the Place de Ville complex (among other parts of Centretown), and concerns over properly protecting the trains and passengers alike from the elements.

Joan Spice and assorted members of the Centretown Citizens Community Association put forth some commentary for the Centretown BUZZ on the progress in building the Centretown Community Development Plan at City Hall.

Also courtesy of the BUZZ, Charles Akben-Marchand reports on new street furniture on Bronson Avenue.

Images of Centretown shows us some of what’s been going on with the aqueduct running through Lebreton Flats and the Fleet Street pumping station as a side effect of the Confederation Line planning and construction process.

URBSite profiles photographer William James Topley (1845-1930) and his studio, without whom much of early Ottawa’s visual urban history might be very different. Also, some attention is paid to the history of our main airport, particularly its role as a military training centre during World War Two.