Urban Planet: Barcelona and London among cities in competition to share innovative urban solutions

Cities from around the world have answered the call for innovative and sustainable solutions to urban problems. Barcelona, Boston, Christchurch, London, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro are just a few who have entered Citymart.com’s competition that aims to identify problems and share solutions globally.

The problems the competition will be looking at include urban management, energy efficiency, transportation, and future government.

While London is trying to limit CO2 emissions, Barcelona is looking for new ways to inject wealth into failing neighbourhoods.

The first round of judging will begin in February.

Image of Barcelona via DesignBuildSource

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  1. Dear editors,
    I have a general question:
    Why isn’t spacing “ottawa” more about … Ottawa?
    More specifically, among the top 6 articles on your frontpage we have: Barcelona, London, Brussels, China, but not Ottawa.

    I am hardly the only one who sees Ottawa as a shamefully backward, semi-decrepit hick town, featuring abysmal architecture, and which deserves to be thematized as such, not fearing negativity, controversy, or confrontation. Maybe only then, once this pathetic dirty secret of a G8 nation is in the open–that it’s capital is a monument to mediocrity and disregard for urban civilized living–things may begin to change.

    Instead at least amplifying the awareness of this national disgrace, you have resorted to forwarding articles about OTHER cities around the world.


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