Allegra Newman is an urban geographer, researcher and community builder with a passion for social justice, community green spaces and growing food in the city.

Notes taken: Everyday Cyclists and the Next City Café

“Everyday Cycling” is an inclusive term that can be used to describe anyone who rides a bike for any reason: for sport... Read More

“Great places are shaped by the people that use them”

____ Editor’s note: Last week Spacing Ottawa contributor Allegra Newman joined with blogger. Eric Darwin and urban planner... Read More

Trees and grass with that playground? Swap you for it.

View Larger Map Listening to the repetitive clanging of machines boring through bedrock it can seem that the condo developments along... Read More

Intensification, Smart Growth and Density Bonusing

As condo after condo is planned in the Wellington West neighbourhood, intensification is seen as an inevitable by many local citizens... Read More

Urbanist’s diary: dirty words and dead-end streets

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