Across the Ottawa Spaces – 13 October 2012

Eric Darwin notes the progress in setting up the bike path paralleling the current O-Train route, and recounts the story of another... Read More

In transportation planning, drivers never lose

Here’s the golden rule that is applied whenever a municipal project is being planned: No change can come at a cost to drivers... Read More

The cycling Lansdowne situation, in short.

Over the last week, on my own blog I’ve been writing about details of the cycling aspect of the Lansdowne transportation plans... Read More

Video: Queen Street Tribute Ride

It was a slow and dignified procession this morning as hundreds of Ottawans walked, cycled, or pushed their bikes along Queen Street... Read More

Tomorrow: Tribute ride for Danielle Naçu

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, October 18), hundreds of cyclists and allies (non-cyclists are welcome to walk with the group) will be... Read More

A Little Miracle

Several years ago it was Spacing Ottawa’s pleasure to spend time with the BBC broadcaster and blogger Malachi O’Doherty... Read More

Notes taken: Everyday Cyclists and the Next City Café

“Everyday Cycling” is an inclusive term that can be used to describe anyone who rides a bike for any reason: for sport... Read More