One for Toronto: Barcelona 1908

There are probably only two kinds of viewers for this video; the ones who think it’s one of the most enchanting pieces of film... Read More

Video: City removes heads from parking meters; exposes bikes to theft

Editor’s note: this first appeared in author Charles Akben-Marchand’s own Images of Centretown blog. The last couple... Read More

Watch NFB: Highrise/Out My Window, a 360° interactive documentary about vertical living

Editor: Spacing is pleased to announce we’re resuming our partnership with the National Film Board of Canada to showcase films... Read More

Tower demolition done right

The internet was abuzz this week with the video from Ohio of a 275′ smokestack  demolished with dynamite; it fell the wrong way... Read More

Centretown’s great divide – the reprise

We ran this video back in June not long after we learned of the City’s plans to widen the already dangerous Bronson Avenue ever... Read More

Bronson road diet – the video

The struggle to put Bronson Avenue on a road diet instead of rebuilding it with wider car lanes is ramping up, with a community... Read More

“What you build relates to people” – Arthur Erickson’s addition to the Bank of Canada

The architect Arthur Erickson died in 2009. Two years before his death, he gave an interview – excerpted in the video above... Read More

Guerrilla takeover planned for today

. Anytime after 3.00  this afternoon, the War Memorial, Parliament Hill and the Byword Market are the locations likely to be... Read More