Expo 2015 Consultation

“Once every five years a city gets the opportunity to step onto the world stage and become a focal point of international attention and achievement. In 2015, that city could be Toronto. Early in 2006, Toronto City Council will decide whether to submit a bid to host a World Expo in 2015.” (from the Expo 2015 Public Consultation website)

Hosting the Expo is a huge undertaking that will undoubtedly change the face of Toronto. Even the preparation of a bid will draw resources and inspire both darts and laurels by proposing dramatic changes. John Sewell spoke out in Eye Weekly against it, I spoke out on my own blog in support of it.

Read up on the issues, decide for yourself, and attend one of the public meetings being held!

You can read more about it here and check out when public meetings are being held in your area here.