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What will our new subways look like?

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TTC mock-up

The TTC is looking to replace 234 aging cars in 2009 or 2010. Transit reps have been eyeing an integrated six-car train that is wide-open from end-to-end. James Bow of Transit Toronto thinks this will help distribute crowds more evenly and increase capacity. The TTC hopes to have a website up in April showcasing a model and seeking public feedback, with a possible full-scale mock-up for public viewing by June. [via]

Bow also notes the removal of the forward-facing seats (as seen above):

“This was a strong complaint when the original mock-up of the T1 car was produced. The TTC argues that perimeter (side-facing) seating allows the cars to carry more people during crush loads, and makes the cars easier to navigate and thus to evacuate in an emergency, but many people find side-facing seats uncomfortable inducers of motion sickness. It will be interesting to see if the TTC considers these complaints when the public gets its first look at the new cars’ mock-up.”

TTC mock up 2

images courtesy of David Fisher