Calling all public space geeks!

 Next week in the east end, some urban planning students and others who just happen to enjoy talking about the city are kicking of a casual late afternoon/evening of drinks and conversation at Dora Keogh’s Irish Pub near Broadview station. With all the interest in public space, civic involvement and the design of our city these days, this group of friends figured why not invite others to gather monthly to share ideas and thoughts over some pints of beer (or whatever else you might like to drink)? The night is not programmed beyond inviting people to show up and pull up a chair so, as one of the organizers warned me, don’t expect anything fancy — but really, what more do you need? Here are the details:

CommonPlace Drinks
For people interested in Toronto’s public spaces
WHEN: Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 from 5:30 onwards
WHERE: Dora Keogh’s Irish Pub (141 Danforth Avenue, near the Broadview subway station)
A once a month gathering for great conversations, new ideas and a few pints! Bring your friends and let’s drink to the Commons!