Dreams of expressway die hard

John Lorinc has an article in the Globe and Mail today about the 35th anniversary of the cancellation of the Spadina Expressway but he approaches it from a different angle — he talks to Sam Cass, the brains behind the plans for superhighways in, out, and through Toronto.

Adam Vaughan, now running for city council in Trinity-Spadina, wrote an excellent article about being a child of the Stop the Spadina Expressway.
Also, here’s a few photos from our event yesterday.

Ying Hope (left, councillor for Spadina Ward 5, first elected 1970) and Adam Vaughan (former CityTV journalist, Trinity-Spadina city council candidate, and son of Stop Spadina activists Colin and Annette Vaughan).

Mayor David Miller

Nadine and David Nowlan (Authors of “The Bad Trip: The Untold Story of the Spadina Expressway”)

Howard Akler (crouching), author of “The City Man”, reads an enlarged article from Toronto Life published in June 1970 arguing for why Toronto needs the Spadina Expressway.

The south lawn of Spadina Museum

display text of Premier Bill Davis’ speech on June 3, 1971

Spadina Expressway timeline display

photos by Bouke Salverda