Pedestrian Crossover Update

Update on the city’s pedestrian crossover initiative — council has approved it. From the Adam Giambrone e-newsletter:

Council approved a project to replace or improve Torontos 77 pedestrian crossovers on major arterial roadways in order to improve safety. The City will convert 24 of Torontos current crossovers to traffic control signals because of the high risk at those locations. The City will improve the other 53 crossovers on major roadways by enhancing their flashing beacons, signs and pavement markings. The project includes a public education effort to promote greater awareness of drivers and pedestrians responsibilities for safe use of the crossovers

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  1. Since that picture was taken, they added in the zig-zag’s on Abbey Road. Those nice British zig zags. Also, from the looks of this picture, Paul is totally dead.

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