Spacing Wire First Anniversary

The Spacing Wire celebrates its first anniversary today. It has been exciting to go from a twice a year publication to a daily news and commentary feed. We’re glad you have stuck around this long and continue to come back on a regular basis.


  1. Congrats. This is a must-visit for me every day (often multiple times per day)!

  2. Happy birthday, Spacing! I echo Joe’s sentiments.

  3. Hey! It’s my birthday too!

    Congrats Spacing, I love the website as much as I love the magazine.


  4. i think everyones gonna agree with Joe.
    this blog is one of the very few i read daily and it’s really cool to enjoy reading about things in the city that you don’t normally hear ot see thru the news.
    like the [murmur] project that most of my friends we’re confused as to why they kept seeing green ears on poles. oh and i got good marks for geo, on local history and events 😉

  5. Happy Birthday indeed – you cats rock!! Thanks for keeping me posted 😉

  6. Big birthday hugs to everyone at spacing wire!

    After running my own blog for only 5 months, I really appreciate the amount of work you put into this site, and the level of engagement you have with people in Toronto on so many issues.

  7. Hey have a very happy anniversary. Don’t stop publishing your magazine.

  8. Congrats on the first year of spacing wire and loads more to come.

    Keeep the voice of public space issues in the air.

  9. congratulations on making it this far. i recently started reading the spacing wire on a regular basis and i must say it’s phenomenal. you guys are really doing something worthwhile – not only do public space issues deserve the attention you give them, but this site is really well done. there is a good place of written content and high quality photography. i look forward to seeing what the next year will bring.

  10. Congratulations Spacing, from Torontoist. I haven’t missed a post since I started reading a few months ago. As I’ve become more and more interested in public space and local issues, Spacing’s been there for my quick fix.


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