1. Hmmm, I didn’t know that this club existed. I’ve also been to every subway station…the last few that I’d never been to I visited a few months back to get clues for a TTC Scavenger hunt I organized for the Toronto Photography Meetup Group. It’s very draining visiting so many stations in one day.

  2. I have also been to every station in one day, it took me a total of eight hours to complete the trip. Although I haven’t taken pictures, i got a transfer from every station.

  3. Thanks! I’m doing a writeup of my experience for Torontoist that should be up soon-ish (among other things, I got to talk to Howard Moscoe).

    Honestly, I’m just glad to be done.

  4. That’s an interesting idea, a picture a day of some Toronto subject. Maybe spacing.ca should do that?

  5. Wow, congrats; I did the extact same thing, 8 hours and 51 minutes, whew tiring. I took pictures too, and compared to yours, yours are much better than mine. I also took a transfer from each station too. Whew, also tiring running up those steps. But still, congrats, welcome to the club!

    My every station poster:

  6. How do you get away with this? When I pulled out my camera on the subway recently to photograph a park OUTSIDE the TTC the driver threatened to call the cops on me! That pretty much cemented my desire to move back home to where the subway cars are born – Thunder Bay.

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