Last-minute gift tip: New Orleans Bicycles

Spacing contributor and Toronto photoblogging celeb Rannie Turingan will be filled with envy when he sees the book New Orleans Bicycles [ Mark Batty Publishers ]. The book is filled with images of locked up bikes, damaged bikes, bikes with decorated baskets, bikes with different sized wheels, banana seat bikes, rusted bikes. If you love the photos Rannie has collected of Toronto bikes on his Flickr website you will absolutely love this book.

This depiction of the Big Easy was collected in the 18 months before Hurricane Katrina changed the reality of New Orleans. There is only a little bit of post-Katrina analysis, which is fine since the book is meant to be a celebration of bicycles in New Orleans and not a post-mortem. The images are all in full-colour and the pages are nicely laid out.

New Orleans Bicycles also made me think about what a vibrant cycling scene we have in this city. While you can ride around in New Orleans year-round, Toronto roads are off-limits for most cyclists for 2 or 3 months of the year, if not more. The variety of bikes (and bike photography) found around Toronto rival anything found in this book.


  1. looks sweet!

    love that little Bicycle License Plate

    I take pictures
    but I am not a photographer
    as a camera does not make me a photographer

    just as my pots and pans do not make me a cook

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