New ghost bike to go up at Finch-Keele

Eco-Art Groups at York University is putting up a ghost bike at the corner of Keele and Finch, in honour of Bianca Gogel, the 16 year-old that was killed by a turning truck in the spring of 2006.

People are asked to come out on Friday, March 2nd, and meet at the HNES building at York at 11:00 AM.

The aim is to avdocate clean air and bike safety up at Keele and across Finch.

photo by Brandon Seifert


  1. Before the winter hit, I’d bike everyday to York and pass Keele and Finch on the way. There already was a ghost bike. So I guess that makes two for the intersection.

  2. Actually, I believe the ghost bike at Keele and Finch was removed in December or early January. It will be the only ghost bike left in Toronto of the four that were installed last year. 3 cyclists died in traffic in Toronto in 2006 and one was installed for a previous fallen cyclist.
    Others will be installed soon at various locations downtown.

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