Tuesday’s Headlines

Playground equipment could be hazard for kids [ Toronto Star ]
Councillor blasts TTC rider survey as a propaganda tool for Miller [ Globe and Mail ]
Toronto transit riders asked to suggest a better way [ cbc ]
TTC to take a poll on route cuts [ National Post ]
Pick your poison, invites TTC [ Toronto Star ]
TTC looks to get your two cents [ Toronto Sun ]
Ontario parties greening wheels for campaign trail [ cbc ]
Green activists question NDP’s brown opinions [ Globe and Mail ]


  1. “Options still on the table, it says, are closing the Sheppard subway” says the Star – that’s funny, since the option in the leaflet doesn’t include that. Instead the option presented is terminating the 85 Sheppard West bus at Don Mills, so passengers between subway stops would have to walk to the nearest one.

    That said, it wouldn’t be the first time (motor vehicle tax) that the city presented a more palatable option in public consultation before imposing a less palatable one, especially since I imagine the developers like Daniels who have big investments on the Sheppard line are likely unhappy with one of their major selling points being yanked away.

    As for Minnan-Wong, do shut up. The TTC are doing (badly) what they should be doing, engaging the public. Minnan-Wong himself has dipped into his office fund for his propaganda website. The fact that they have spent 15 grand on a leaflet whose cover is less than engaging and panic inducing is another matter.

    That article on the Ont. NDP’s environmental position on coal plants and forestry is also interesting, this link might work for those without a Globe Insider account.

  2. luke

    If you google search the title of globe articles, the links from rbcinvest.theglobeandmail.com usually work.

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