Help Spacing find a release party venue

The editors of Spacing are in the final stages of production of the Fall 2007 issue. The focus of the issue is on the greening of Toronto and we’re extremely excited with the lineup of articles and features.

As usual, we will have a release party, but we’re looking for a venue that is of a green/eco-conscious. We want our readers to give us suggestions of bars, cafés, buildings, whatever, that fits this description. Either leave a comment or email us. We’ll give away a subscription to the person who helps us find a home for our release party.

photo of the green roof on the Robertson Building (215 Spadina) by Miche


  1. Not the Gladstone, please. It seems central and perfect to Spacers™, but it’s remote, drafty, and tiresome to everyone else.

  2. Yeah, those 200 or 300 people that show up each time much really seem to loathe the party at the Gladstone. Please don’t speak for the rest of us who love the Gladstone.

    Nothing wrong with having it there for the 5th or 6th time as its a nice HQ — if you know that Spacing is having a release party you go to the Gladstone.

    But I like that Spacing is reaching out to other venues.

  3. Ok, Maybe its not GREEN right now but saving it from paving would be. How about the Matador?

  4. Try Todmorden Mills

    Try the quadrangle of Massey College

    Try the quad of New College

    Try the Supermarket in Kensington

    There’s always the Brickworks

    And what about the clubhouses on the islands

    And then there’s the National Yatcht Club – good only for people on bicylces – but any pf those Yatcht Clubs on the Water

    And how about a place in the Sky. like PANORAMA — could you arrange something for the CN Tower! How many spacers have been up there?

  5. Panorama requires a $6000 bar minimum. The launches are happily boozy, but they usually ain’t that boozy. Concrete Toronto, the new book launching this week, wanted to have their launch there as Manulife is written about in the book, but that minimum puts it out of reach of anything not super well funded. Nice place though.

    The “green” venue needs to be easily accessible — which unfortunately rules out the Brickworks. Too much of a risk as the launch parties are a key part of what keeps Spacing afloat financially. Which is why the Gladstone has been our regular place. They don’t charge us anything, they are very nice, and people seem to like it, and it’s sort of a relaxed room.

  6. Of the Green Awards given by the city for 2006, it looks like the Toronto Botanical Gardens would be suitable as a venue.

    I’m not sure what the costs are and whether it would be viable financially.

  7. It’s too bad that this isn’t a summer launch. The SAS building on King St. is one of the greenest in the city and has a grand patio on the top floor that would be a great venue for a launch. Even in the fall, with the addition of patio heaters, it could be ideal. Streetcar line running below, views of downtown, the lake, and the western part of downtown which is the focus of so much of our blogging.

    If you can’t make that work, then you might think about the atrium (or more likely the Cabaret Space) of the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery. Not only is it a beautiful setting, but it’s right next door to the new West Don Lands neighbourhood construction project. That seems somewhat fitting.

    I do like the idea of holding it at the Matador…in a few years when some intrepid business person has fixed it up.

  8. Just a suggestion for what it’s worth:

    The Steam Whistle brewery.

    They’re progressive. It’s central and it’s a fun place.

  9. to support David Elliott’s idea, Steam Whistle is powered by sustainable energy from Bullfrog Power.

    Also, their bottles are green.

  10. I’m with Josh on this one. SAS is the first modern LEED certified commercial building in Toronto, and still is one of the best. The patio is magnificent.

    Get the Mill Street Brewrey from the distillery district involved, as well as Jamie Kennedy, the king of slow food in Toronto. It’s in the St. Lawrence/Gooderham & Worts area and, we can check out the West Donlands and East Bayfront from the patio. We can watch the planes fly into the Island Airport.

    Now you have a launch party.

  11. Keep in mind the time of year re any “outdoor element” of a launch party–frigid and/or inclement weather could be disincentive for outdoor programming.

    And as a bow to Joe Clark: while the Distillery/SAS zone comes close enough, maybe we *should* consider something east of the Don someday. (Indeed, if it weren’t still an active medical facility, the Riverdale/Bridgepoint half-round might be a nicely subversive venue…)

  12. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I believe in partnering and connectivity; T.O. and the the “horseshoe” and outlying towns/villages we are all “Greenies” and protectors and preservers.

    In unity the movement,exchanges,partnerships- Natural Heritage and Architectural Heritage;next generations “win” for our unity efforts.

    Accordingly I believe that McMichael’s Art Gallery in Kleinburg would be a fab launch site; example of acres of green/Canadian/Ont Art/Hertitage preservation of architecture and importantly example of donating,Stewardship by the McMichael’s for the future generations to be nutured by and enjoy; Stengthening Stewardship- is not boundary specific; from in Toronto outward & outward “into” Toronto. They have a great restaurant with a fab view of Nature and its conservation.

    If you might arrange a Bus to Kleinburg for your launch might I sugget a visit the nearby Town of Nobleton just a few kms away – there is a Natural Heritage Site that might be consumed with urban development this is a treasure of a site and protection of this site perhaps your magazine might help save with awarness of it and the potential destruction of it that it faces just weeks away.

    I have attached a letter (to this submission) that I copied today to the Premier and Ministers and Conservation Board, that you dearly hope you read.
    Keep up the quality work and dedication.

    Special Regards
    Cheryl Dalgleish
    Oct. 29,2007
    Mr. B. Denny
    Chair, Conservation Authority
    and to
    Peter Taylor
    Water Resources Unit Supervisor
    Ontario Ministry of the Environment

    URGENT reply required

    Dear Sirs:

    RE: Approx 25 acres in size; Significant Natural Feature – Natural Heritage
    Part of Lot 4, Con # 9 (site of issue) Nobleton, York Region (King Twp)
    Baldesarra proposed subdivision Project; Lot 4, Con. # 9 OMB hearing Nov. 13/07 Case # PL050520

    TRCA entered into mitigation with King Twp. Lawyer J. Matera & King Twp. Staff etc and G. Baldesarra, for a Municipal Road to be placed in significant Wetlands/Wildlife/Natural Heritage/Park site when known to TRCA that all alternative Roads (as per PPS) has not been studied/reported on and exhausted.TRCA witness Statements for OMB hearing Nov. 13,2007 records this. Appears, PPS violation(s)

    Provincial Interest and Statement – MOE

    I rely that under all the serious circumstances and serious issues in this site of issue and OMB case Nov. 13,2007; for you Mr. Denny as per Planning Act 3. 1 to write the Minister of the Environment- for a Provincial Interest; Official Provincial Statement. That you would address this urgently today, with copies distributed to all, not to myself, is sought from you.

    TRCA N. Gaetz Supervisor of Terrestrial Natural Heritage/Ecology Division per his Oct. 2,2007 Witness Stmt (for OMB hearing Nov. 13, 2007) has determined this site of Provincial Significance – Woodlots Provincially Significant and the Wetlands/Wildlife Natural features Significant; the site of issue an “Ecosystem”. That the site of issue has been under-evaluated ( is clear) not reported to the Province by TRCA. Mr. Denny explain/accountability; Mr. Denny clear urgent remedy by TRCA I suggest today, to Province MNR and other governing bodies MOE, MAS, OMB, King Twp., Regional Municipality of York.

    Natural Heritage – Site Alteration and De-watering; Site of issue Part of Lot 4, Con. # 9 Nobleton

    PPS; 2.1.1 Natural Heritage to be protected for the long term
    On Nobleton Community Plan Feb. 2005 is that this site of issue Natural Heritage and Future Park- protected.- for the long term.
    PPS 2. 1.3 and 2. 1.4 Development and Site alteration shall not be permitted- unless it has been demonstrated that there will be no negative impacts; TRCA has recorded and Trow in writing ( EIS of August 27/07 EIS Dr. Hard/Trow and Associates and all Witness statements from TRCA in Oct. 2007 for OMB hearing (very clearly) that there will be extensive negative impacts.
    Fact: I copied TRCA K. Huang senior Planner Oct. 9,2007 (Page 3) of Site Alteration; diversion- de-watering of the site for the “proposed” Municipal Road thru Significant wetlands/wildlife/Woodlot.
    Overmore, Fact; proposed Municipal Road thru Natural Heritage/Wetlands/Wildlife/Woodlot a Public Works Storm culvert requires to be moved ( known to TRCA I highlighted this in my letter to TRCA Oct .9,2007) serious it would “dewater the site” and clearly a site alteration.

    Structures & Natural Heritage/Wetland/wildlife Rd.
    Although King Twp. and TRCA does not clearly identify retaining walls, the “proposed” Mun. Road of issue requires to have a retaining wall 1.6 feet high with handrails as the land is SO wet ;the length of the Wetland/Wildlife/Woodlot Road ( with (2) 90 curves)

    TRCA Mitigation & Natural Heritage Wetland/Wildlife

    Of serious merit and note: Page 4 of Oct. 16,2007 Witness Statement by K. Huang (2nd paragraph) states quote”…With respect to the secondary access through Wilkie [wetlands/wildlife/woodlot site], while not ideal, the concept of a road extension may be able to be accommodated provided several conditions are satisfied” To me and others clear; mitigation by TRCA for this site in question.

    I submit Mr. Denny & Mr. Taylor that it is prohibited and no permits can be issued for site alteration for this site of issue.
    MOE cannot approve a Permit to take water from within a Significant Wetland PPS categories 2.1. 3 (b).

    I bring to your attention Mr. Denny & Mr. Taylor PPS changed its wording in 2005 from “have regard for” to “be consistent with”.

    This site of issue Dec. 14,2006 TRCA Mr. Huang head planner records in his letter to King Twp. Mgr. of Planning that the Hydrology is scored at 207 for this site of issue; above the 200 score for PSW criteria.

    Since 2006 another wetland has been created and identified at this site of issue; this site is flourishing. A current Hydrology score has not been distributed; suspect hydrology score higher for 2007 for this site.

    # Since Oct. 2, 2007 ( and I suggest from Dec. 2006) appears TRCA has not identified nor submitted to the Province MNR (Steve Varga) written reports or written communication about this Provincially significant site; Why? Mr. Denny please let all of us know why; step by step explanations on a urgent basis by return e-mail why this site has been subject to being unevaluated- no Provincial communication/paperwork exchange TRCA to Province. Thank you Mr. Denny.

    # 2 Not in 2006 or since Oct. 2,2007 did TRCA contacted the Province MNR (Steve Varga) to stake this Provincially significant site, I contacted MNR and spoke to Steve Varga and he had to contact TRCA Why? Please step by step explain Mr. Denny to all, immediately by return e-mail. Thank you.

    # 3 My Oct. 2, 2007 letter to Mr. Huang TRCA about this site of serious issue(s) ; has yet to be replied to. Kindly on a urgent basis Mr. Denny have this corrected and provide me (and all) with a step by step explanation, why it wasn’t. Thank you.

    Species at Risk & “of Concern” for protection at Site of Issue

    Page 8 of N. Gaetz Witness Statement states 11 flora species of concern, 9 fauna species of concern & fauna includes both birds and amphibians. Which I know from EIS study August 27/2007 by Trow and Associates; falls short. Ward Counsellor and my meeting with TRCA Oct. 18,2007 at Twp. offices Ward 2 Counsellor a resident of King Twp. told TRCA and Trow he on numerous occasions has sited the Endangered Bald Eagle at this site of issue. Bald Eagle is known to be at this site of question as per York Region Table of Birds (that is included in Trow’s EIS August 27/07). This is serious, investigation(s) required as to accurately cataloguing Species at Risk at this site.

    # 4 Having said (the above) Mr. Denny would you have provided to me and all on an urgent basis a listing of the 11 flora species of concern for TRCA Mr. N. Gaetz has, and in its entirety all locations where said flora is located at this site of issue and likewise for the amphibian species. It would be helpful if we can have some clear identification of Wetland(s) ie: Wetland 1,2, 3, 4 ; Pond 5, Watercourse 6 , Marsh 1, 2, 3,4, 5. Thank you.

    Integrity of TRCA; failure to reply to serious issues, e-mails, with timeliness

    In addition to my letter to TRCA dated Oct. 2,2007 not being replied to ;.
    My letter to TRCA dated Oct. 15,2007 has yet to be replied to.
    My letter to TRCA Oct. 21, 2007 has not been replied to nor the letter sent to Twp. Lawyer J. Matera the same date with copy to TRCA that also required a TRCA reply.
    Please explain Mr. Denny- to all. Thank you.

    I highlight to you Mr. Denny that since Oct. 2,2007 Witness Stmt. of TRCA Noah Gaetz stating that this site of issue Provincially Significant and a “Ecosystem” with Wetland(s) and Wildlife AND alternative Roads study/reporting not done by Dev. & King Twp.-NO NOTICE to OMB from Oct. 2,2007 – Oct. 29,2007 TRCA will be seeking an Adjournment for the scheduled Nov. 13,2007 hearing.

    Mr. Denney further to our telephone conversation last week, promise to investigate and that perhaps TRCA strategy is to have Nov. 13,2007 OMB hearing adjourned. One would rely that this minimally a step forward for this serious case/site. May I and all parties hear back from you today on this. Thank you.

    To complicate serious matters – “In Camera” Twp. Meeting & Vote Sept. 24,2007 for this site of issue
    King Twp. Staff and Counsellors and Twp. Lawyer Josie Matera from Aird & Berlis lawfirm had a “in camera” official Twp. meeting for this site in question and discuseed a Municipal Road through SIGNIFICANT Natural Heritage Site/Wetlands/Wildlife/Woodlot site Part of Lot 4, Con. # 9 which included verbal reporting on this site of issue “in camera” and a vote “in camera” to put a Municipal Road thru this site. IN advance of alternative Roads being studied and reported on- known to Barrister & Solicitor Josie Matera’s or out to have been known to her and senior Twp. Planning Staff Director S. Kitchen/Mgr Gaspare R.

    All parties now have a copy of Ward 2 Counsellor Jeff Laidlaw confirmation of the “in camera” meeting Sept. 24,2007, (his e-mail of Oct. 24,2007) additionally I have a e-mail from Counsellor Jane Underhill validating this “in camera” Twp. meeting helmed by Barrister & Solicitor Josie Matera.

    That Barrister & Solicitor J. Matera Oct. 22,2007 refused to release to me any disclosures as the “in camera” was without prejudice- would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious- and clandestine. the Municipal Act of Jan. 01,2007 governs that there be transparency, by local government(s).

    This King Twp. Vote Sept. 24,2007 I trust (and others) that the Hon. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Hon. J. Gerretsen will have struck and a publicly an apology by Lawyer J. Matera and Twp. Staff and Counsellors or on behalf of them by the Hon. Minister,as a first step.

    Mr. Denny (and all parties) I would be amiss not to give serious reminder that a peer review by TRCA on EIS Trow report August 27,2007 has not been done & distributed, this is an urgent o/s matter- and nor has TRCA reviewed an Ont. Wetlands Eval. report from Trow and peer reviewed it prior to submission to Province, nor has TRCA formally provided and submitted reports of the Significant Woodlots at this site to the Province MNR.

    I would be grateful (as would all) to hear back from Mr. Denny and Mr. Taylor today in this serious matter. As well replies from other parties copied with this serious e-mail. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Cheryl Dalgleish

  13. I ride my bike home through Moss Park Midnight a few times a week, diagonal across the playing fields.

    Are you one of the guys who hangs out on the kids play things all night long?

  14. I read your comment Shawn, but still think that the Brickworks could be a nice venue. I noticed that on weekends the TTC runs a shuttle bus to the site from Broadview station. Perhaps you could partner with Brickworks and the TTC for a similar shuttle to your event.

  15. how about the artscape green barns? is that venue ready enough yet to hold an event?

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