Spacing named Toronto’s best magazine by BlogTO

Spacing is happy to see that BlogTO readers really like us — we were voted the best Toronto magazine! Read the interview with Spacing’s Matthew Blackett. Also, congratulations to Sam Javanrouh, Spacing’s best-known photographer, for being tapped as the city’s Best Photoblog.


  1. Congratulations — it’s a well-deserved award that honours all the hard work you do across the various media platforms (print, blog[s], photos, etc.). That’s a great interview/ article in BlogTO, too, very useful for those of us who don’t live in Toronto but want to know how you guys work. I’m always impressed by how, particularly in your blog, you manage to write about issues that matter to anyone interested in cities and urbanism, yet still keep it local, too.

  2. Congrats to Spacing doing great things for Toronto.

    We’ll be rolling out many more “Best of Toronto” results from our annual survey in the coming weeks, so please stay tuned.


  3. Well, if Blackett works for an architecture firm part-time, that’s a minor, also hitherto undeclared, conflict of interest, as Spacing frequently writes about architecture.

    In the blog age, we’d expect not only the fact of his work to have been publicized, but the name of his employer. Just so we can spot any biases, should they exist.

  4. All the writers here have to make a living somehow and giving the name of their employer(s) could put a writer’s paid job in jeopardy. I work in government, if I were to say who I worked for when I blog I could get fired so fast.

    I think Joe needs a reality check. This isn’t like mainstream media.

  5. I’m out of the country this winter. I check spacingtoronto every day. It keeps me up to date on urban issues in Toronto and gives me easy access to the newspaper headlines.

    Thanks to Matt and everyone at Spacing, and congratulations.

  6. ERA. Its been in my bio, and public, for weeks.

  7. Sometimes, many times, Clark’s analysis and criticism of things is great and spot on. Other times, like here, it’s petty and reaching and full of naked desperation. Know when to keep it in your pants, Joe, and keep up the good work.

  8. I am not desperate in the slightest. But thanks for playing, Lisa.

    Blackett doesn’t work for a government agency, isn’t writing a blog unrelated to his work, and isn’t using employer resources to blog. His whole métier is Spacing and Spacing. I said he has a minor conflict of interest (a venial sin).

    Memo to our government worker: The fact that this isn’t mainstream media is the reason why transparency is necessary. (If you don’t believe me, look up “astroturfing.”)

    Additionally, and especially for the benefit of Miss Pissy, Spacing and Spacing are journalistic enterprises, and even the slightest hint of conflict of interest must be disclosed or, preferably, avoided altogether. Blackett is new to journalism and, like his commenters, seems not to be aware of prevailing ethics.

    Now, I don’t know what “bio” Blackett is referring to, since he didn’t link to it (this is a blog, Matt) and Googling for various extant bios fails to unearth the declaration he insinuates we all should have read weeks ago. Among the places it isn’t are at MattBComics, on Spacing’s About page, at Matt B Images, or on ERA’s About page.

    More rigour, please. (Actually, come to think of it, that phrase can be used almost everywhere in improving Toronto.)


    Should’ve just looked more closely on this blog, since it is a blog. My name is linked in every post I make. Sometimes I make a comment while not at my own computer so my name wasn’t link. Also, my 13 years of journalism experience shouldn’t put me in the “new” category,” but Mr. Clark has always been loose with facts when trying to discredit Spacing.

    To everyone else, thanks for the congrats.

  10. I like how when something like Spacing is recognized for doing something good there are always people out there willing to piss on their parade. These commenters just make themselves look so very petty.

    Anyway, thanks to Spacing for being the only publication in Toronto to capture the pulse of this city.

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