TTC STRIKE: Liberals drafting back-to-work bill

Back-to-work legislation for the TTC will hit Queen’s Park tomorrow, according to the Toronto Star.

Premier Dalton McGuinty signed the order in council this morning clearing the way for an emergency session of the Legislature tomorrow.

MPPs will convene at Queen’s Park at 1:30 pm Sunday to debate back to work legislation.

Liberal sources told the Star that it will be a “clean” bill – sending the dispute to arbitration, with no special instructions to the arbitrator.

The lack of any onerous conditions will make it more difficult for the NDP to oppose it.

Both Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory and NDP Leader Howard Hampton will meet with reporters this afternoon at Queen’s Park to discuss their parties’ strategy for tomorrow’s rare Sunday sitting.

A draft of the bill should be available later today to give MPPs in all three parties time to vet it.

The Sunday passage of the law would guarantee that Monday morning commuters will not be inconvenienced.

photo by Bouke Salverda


  1. given how many working stiffs, single mothers, kids and families depend on the TTC for mobility and access, one might hope the NDP would even support back-to-work legislation.
    To be snarky, the term blindp arises again, developed initially from the civic “leadership” on mobility, and I can think of three instances.

  2. Please explain, the NDP have fought for years for the right to strike and withhold services to strike deals,now Howard Hampton agrees to back to work legislation.Is Howard Hampton and the NDP willing to take away that right to strike for good so that all industries can survive the union demands?

  3. When will legislation pass to send politicians back to work?

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