Montréal Monday: Smart!Centre development, walking through Westmount, and laundry day


Each Monday, Spacing will bring you some of the popular posts from our sister blog, Spacing Montréal. We’ll keep an eye open for topics and discussions that are pertinent to current public space issues in Toronto.

  • Ontario recently rescinded its ban on clothes lines, so as Torontonians head out to the hardware store to get some twine and clothespins, Montréalers have already started to take advantage of the warm weather in Photo du Jour: Laundry Day.

Image from: Carrià¨re Saint-Michel – Quartier Villeray — Saint-Michel — Parc-Extension – Concept, DCYSM Architectes, 30 avril 2008


  1. Where can I find online a good rendering of the smart centre plan for Leslieville?

  2. The comment about an Ontario ban on clotheslines is incorrect. There has never been a provincial ban. Instead, what is happening is that Ontario is overriding any terms that were included in purchase agreements for new homes that prevent homeowners from using clotheslines in those locations

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