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Westward Ho! Bike Pirates move to Bloor and Lansdowne

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The Pirates have moved from their first home “across from the Beer Store” on Bathurst (above) to their new home at 1292 Bloor Street just east of Lansdowne Avenue.

If you want to help the Pirates settle into their new digs with a lovely housewarming gift here’s the wish list:

#1 A toilet.

#2 Some sinks (bathroom, kitchen, laundry tub…)

#3 Countertop.

Yep. They really need a toilet.

Finally, most welcome and most needed are more Pirates! Everyone can be a Pirate. Even Lance. Argh!

The Pirates could also use some wood screws (Robertson heads) and 1/2 inch copper tubing. The new storefront doorway is pictured above. Facebook group here.



  1. Context please? What the hell is a bike pirate?

  2. They’re not gonna take my bike and kidnap my women, are they? I don’t have any women!!

  3. Why does this for-profit bike shop merit official endorsement from Spacing when other bike shops do not?

  4. Arrgh! All car drivers shall walk the plank!

    Maybe this post might be more appropriate on one of those insular cycling blogs.

  5. When did Spacing Wire become Craigslist?

  6. Wow! Lots of Pirate haters out there… I didn’t realize there would be such a mutiny! Just ride people, just ride… it will improve your moods I guarantee. ARGH! for more info.

  7. Do you know what’s even thinner than a bike lane in Toronto?

    The line between chastising shameless corporate advertising and supporting shameless grassroots organization advertising.

  8. The Pirates aren’t for-profit, Joe. Admittedly the post was a bit mysterious, but no need to jump to conclusions.

    As one of their old fliers puts it, Bike Pirates is an “anarchist, non-profit, do-it-yourself bike repair/construction space.”

    They “are not a conventional bike shop, and aspire to empower others with the skills and tools of basic bike maintenance.”

    Further, they “teach basic bike repair workshops… organize [a] bike and anti-car infoshop… recycle reincarnated bikes sold on a sliding scale” and “build [bikes] from scratch using parts, frames and tools (by donation.)”

    I know people who started hanging out there knowing very little about bikes and left with new bikes they’d built themselves from donated parts. The Pirates are definitely worthy of note.

  9. Thanks Smitty. That’s exactly the info that the original post should have included.

  10. I think since many of the Spacing crew are familiar with many of the Pirate crew (myself included) the background info was omitted. also maybe out of excitement? this is big stuff and means that the space will be accessible to many more people since hours and space will be practically doubled!

    the collective has been running strong for 2 years now and prides itself on being accessible, empowering, affordable and provides services that no one else in Toronto provides – including free lunch! We also create the Toronto ghost bikes. the list goes on.

    We are non-profit, all volunteer-run, DIY, pay-what-you-can. that’s a pretty radical mouthful.

    – ainsley.

  11. also we’ve got the toilet, bathroom sink and kitchen sink. lots more construction material needed, though!

    tally ho!

  12. thanks ainsley…

    I time-stamped this post incorrectly and hadn’t meant for it to go up for another day! OH WELL! lots of commenting fun 😉

    glad to hear you got some sinks and a toilet!

  13. Woah, alot of anxiety from these commentors on such a small thing as posting about a new location for a non-profit, communal, DIY group.
    Then somehow this is linked to shameless corporate advertising?

    “Do you know what’s even thinner than a bike lane in Toronto?

    The line between chastising shameless corporate advertising and supporting shameless grassroots organization advertising.”

    Pick your fucking battles, read a book called No-Logo (Naomi Klein) Leonard to shake out some of that ignorance toward corporate/grassroots advertising and understanding the difference.

    Bike Pirates are a inspirational group that is very active in the cycling community whether its making critical mass massier or fundraising for the Charles Prinsep Initiative they dont ask for anything except a simple understanding/respect of cyclists.
    We should all give our support to the Bike Pirates as they accept all sorts of support whether its the obvious cash or the unobvious volunteering positions they are one of the few public communities in this city that actually do what they say and have fun while doing it!