Tuesday’s headlines

Council set to vote on rules to curb packaging waste [ Globe & Mail ]
Bottler and activists in water fight [ Toronto Sun ]
Mayor not sorry for memo [ Toronto Sun ]
City digests street meat plan [ Toronto Sun ]
Council in Operation Slowdown [ Toronto Sun ]
Critics accuse Miller of creating de facto party system [ National Post ]
In praise of a messy city hall [ National Post ]

lead stories…
One prime minister too many [ Globe & Mail ]
Liberals and NDP sign unprecedented pact [ Toronto Star ]
‘Deal with the devil’ [ Toronto Sun ]
Opposition leaders sign accord to form coalition gov’t [ National Post ]
Harper bulldozes his way to the brink [ Globe & Mail ]
Ontario needs answers from Ottawa, not a political circus [ Globe & Mail ]
Liberals turn discord into ‘marvel’ of unity [ Toronto Star ]
Coalition deserves a chance [ Toronto Star ]
Prorogue prerogative [ Toronto Sun ]
Future looks bleak for PM, Tories [ National Post ]

Transportation planning in Ontario a cynic’s delight [ Globe & Mail ]
City urged to sell housing to pay for new buildings [ Toronto Star ]
Media mogul Ted Rogers dies [ Toronto Star ]

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  1. Its time for “Steve” to get his shirt restuffed. Better yet, will someone please provide him a green card. The Shrubya Gulf, Oil and Jibcutters Alliance awaits.

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