Wednesday’s Headlines

Baird to Toronto: sorry [Toronto Star]
Those f—ing Tories [Toronto Star]
High stakes in streetcar game [Toronto Star]
Famous last word on streetcar deal? [Toronto Star]
New transit czar to lead look into ‘alternative instruments’ [Globe & Mail]
Redress sought on St. Clair [National Post]
Analysis: David Miller sees value in turning the other cheek, again [National Post]
City caught Grits off guard [Toronto Sun]
Baird sorry for f-bomb [Toronto Sun]

Billboards distract council from bylaw [Toronto Star]
It’s time for messy smokers to pay the piper, readers say [Toronto Star]
Toronto is the world’s fourth most liveable city, survey finds [National Post]
Mayor backs daycares, votes for landed immigrants [National Post]
Off Markham Road, a jungle [National Post]
Hop on board the Bike Train [Toronto Sun]

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  1. Governments in Ottawa don’t give Toronto any money, whether they are Liberal or Conservative. The Liberals would announce and reannounce grants every once in a while, but they never actually sent the funds. The Conservatives also announce money for projects that might be popular in 905 like subway extensions into low density sprawl. But they never pony up either.

    I can’t understand why anybody is surprised by Baird’s candid anti-Toronto remarks. There was no way this federal government was ever going to give Toronto a cent. They and their rural and western supporters hate this city and its people.

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