World Wide Wednesday: Empty parking lots, un-built highways and a disappearing Thames

Each week we will be focusing on blogs from around the world dealing specifically with urban environments. We’ll be on the... Read More

Wednesday’s headlines

CITY HALL • David Miller eyes city’s walkout windfall [ Toronto Star ] • Savings from summer strike won’t result... Read More

Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archive opens & Rick Bébout memorial

On Saturday the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives opened their permanent new home in an (appropriately old) house on Isabella... Read More

Spacing Radio 008: the haphazard city

Go listen to the new episode! Episode 008 of Spacing Radio examines the idea of haphazardness in a city. Spacing magazine contributing... Read More

STREET SCENE: Broadview and Danforth

My old Haunts in Greek Town just east of this intersection. Street Scene will appear each week showcasing the illustrations of local... Read More

Tuesday’s headlines

CITY HALL • David Miller’s long goodbye hits rough water [ Toronto Star ] • Lindsay Luby quits Miller’s... Read More

JOHN LORINC: The New Deal for Cities, RIP

If you tally up the list of prominent politicians at all levels who staked their careers on advancing the so-called cities agenda... Read More

New ways of thinking about cities and policy making

“Every time you do something in the city, don’t just do it, do it beautifully.” A seemingly simple statement made by... Read More

Montreal Monday: Life without roads, embracing ‘grit’, and the descent of Mary and Jesus

Each Monday, we bring you some of the popular posts from our sister blog, Spacing Montreal. We’ll keep an eye open for topics... Read More

Monday’s headlines

DAVID MILLER • Ideal mayor would be nine parts David Miller [ Toronto Star ] • Facing likely defeat, David Miller opts to... Read More