Vote on your favourite U of T building

U of T Magazine is conducting a poll on your favourite U of T building, so this is your chance to cast your vote.

So far, in the Toronto Campus, Hart House has been the big winner.  In Scarborough, there is a tie between the Arts and Administration Building and the Student Centre, similar to Mississauga, with a tie between the Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre and the Oscar Peterson Hall.

How do your votes compare?

Photo by Sam Javanrouh


  1. I hate to choose between buildings at the U of T, because there is so much great architecture there. But University College is very exquisite and I believe should come out on top.

  2. Don’t know what the sample size was, but the Andrews Building at Scarborough is now (thankfully) on top. And re the St George Campus, Robarts being *third*?!? (That’s surely a case where the same building could conceivably top a best list and a worst list at the same time.)

  3. Gerstein Science library dominates the dojo.

  4. I hate the Student Centre at UTSC. It’s weirdly laid out, weirdly shaped, and has a lot less useful space than its volume would suggest. Did it solve the lack of study space problem it was supposed to? No. There’s next to no useable study space in the Student Centre.

    If the builders had had any sense, they would have forgone the cathedral ceilings and put in a few floors with couches and tables instead.

    Go H-Wing and S-Wing Andrews Building!

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