Monday’s headlines

Can TTC gleen tips from GO? [ Metro ]
Dump Giambrone from TTC: Critics [ Toronto Sun ]
TTC Managers lazy: Mammoliti [ Toronto Sun ]
At last, good news for the TTC [ Toronto Sun ]
Another gal for TTC boss to fear [ Toronto Sun ]
TTC culture’s sour, report says [ Toronto Sun ]

Smitherman a dad — almost [ Toronto Sun ]
Exit Giambrone, cue replacement lefty [ National Post ]
Smitherman one step closer to adopting a baby [ Globe & Mail ]
The Posted Toronto political panel: the post-Giambrone mayoral race [ National Post ]
George Smitherman, husband, receive go-ahead for adoption from Children’s Aid Society [ National Post ]
New role for Smitherman: Daddy [ Toronto Star ]

Markham’s appetite for food belt grows [ Toronto Star ]
Mississauga to pay bills for mayor’s son [ Toronto Star ]
Ajax tykes ‘shaken up’ after arena roof collapses [ Toronto Star ]
‘Rural revolution’ hits Ontario [ Toronto Sun ]

A new character on Toronto’s bookstore scene [ Globe & Mail ]
New charge in propane explosion [ National Post ]
Pioneer to the core [ National Post ]
Old toilets’ trip to dump bogs down [ Toronto Star ]
Fiorito: Brief notes to freshen Toronto air [ Toronto Star ]
A tale of two cities — Toronto: Wake up, sleeper [ Toronto Star ]
A tale of two cities — Vancouver: Dangerously beautiful [ Toronto Star ]

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  1. Re: Toronto: Wake up, sleeper

    Excellent piece! Sadly, not sure if any candidate in the race is up to this task.

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