Friday’s Headlines

• Municipal by-election ordered after voting problems in Ward 9 [The Star]
• By-election on the way over ‘irregularities’ in voter list [Globe & Mail]
• Union accuses city of playing loose with garbage numbers [Globe & Mail]
• Ford’s election campaign funding questioned [The Sun]

• Ford’s graffiti war dings businesses, non-profits [The Star]
• Councillors cancel street permits on Bloor St. W. [The Sun]
• What grocery stores used to look like in Toronto [BlogTO]
• Where the streetcar ends: a visit to Etobicoke’s Long Branch [Yonge St.]

• Firefighters douse fire above historic Black Bull pub [The Star]
• Student fights decision to cut her off Wheel-Trans [The Star]
• Hume: Harper’s Canada does not include cities [The Star]
• The Hubbub Around Huburbs [Torontoist]
• City, First Nations Spokespeople Say High Park “Burial Mound” Claims Are Doubtful [Torontoist]
• Diversity, our weakness? [OpenFile]