Thursday’s headlines

• Council’s left says garbage privatization will have to be trashed [The Sun]
• Left-wing councillors get their hands dirty by trash-talking Ford [Globe & Mail]
• Kings of the trash heap [Now]
• It’s a garbage deal [Now]
• Private pickup gets thumbs up [National Post]

• Fort York: A bridge too far for Toronto city council [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto councillor to stay in office longer during election court challenge [Globe & Mail]
• No patio culture in your ‘hood? Thank your local councillor [The Star]
• Hearing puts the Ward 9 by-election in limbo [National Post]
• Jarvis St. bike lanes will be re-examined [The Sun]

• School board approves $445M deal for solar panels on school roofs [The Star]
• Toronto District School Board lifts cellphone ban [Globe & Mail]
• TDSB approves deal to place solar panels on more than 400 schools [Globe & Mail]

• Standoff in High Park [Now]
• Toys of summer festival a hit [The Sun]
• TCHC official expensed $5,000 for meetings at upscale steak house [The Star]


  1. You missed Edward Keenan’s excellent analysis, which correctly explains how council’s privatization motion, with its numerous conditions, means that privatization is in no way a done deal.

    For those of us who oppose privatization not on pinko grounds, but out of skepticism that it will actually save money, it is a major victory and a serious Ford defeat.

    By the way, council’s left-wing are doing a terrible job at framing these issues. By raising the bogus specters of organized crime and “employees worked to the grave,” they blew their opportunity to capitalize on Rob Ford’s blatantly ideological posturing. When Ford ranted about “tax-and-spend socialists,” the lefties should have seized the chance to look like responsible grownups. Instead they tried to outdo Ford with their own pinko rants. Dumb!

  2. For what it’s worth… the Sun piece about the bike lanes on Jarvis has an interesting conversation that follows. Yes, the typical knuckle-dragging cro-magnon trolls show up, and the insufferable downtowners put in a cameo as well. But I read for 120 comments… pretty good stuff.

    I’d actually be curious for Spacing to follow up with Minnan-Wong about the essence of the conversation there.


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