Friday’s headlines

• Shedding light on TDSB solar deal [National Post]
• TDSB strikes deal to have solar panels installed on 450 schools [Globe & Mail]
• A solar solution to aging school roofs [The Star]

• Fate of citizen advisory committees with Ford [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto’s citizen committees granted reprieve [The Star]
• Citizen committees get a second look [The Sun]

• Ford’s hands off Jarvis Street bike lanes – for now [Globe & Mail]
• Mayor’s bike plan to feature physically separated lanes [The Star]
• Cycling advocates fighting to keep lanes on Jarvis St. [The Sun]

• City flip-flops, no Ward 9 byelection for now [The Star]
• City will appeal court ruling forcing Ward 9 byelection [The Sun]
• Augimeri gets her appeal, keeps her council seat [Globe & Mail]

• Hume’s worst buildings No. 1: A tower to match the ego behind it? [The Star]
• Hume: Altering city space with TTC ads [The Star]


  1. I’ve done some solar roof installations on buildings in NY and NJ, and it really is a good arrangement. I believe the highest and best use of rooftops is for people (active space), and second best is for green roofs (for visual, stormwater and heat island purposes) but when you have older buildings with blank rooftops and no other practical use for them, turning them over to solar is a great way to go. Conspiracy theorists are already showing up on the newspaper comment boards, but you have to involve third parties because there is no way the building owners can typically figure this stuff out on their own.

    Our installations went straight into building power (hallway lighting and such), not the grid, and that’s perfectly feasible as the power generated is not all that much so there is always use for it on site. If the Hydro feed-in program gets canceled, it’s still a win for the schools and the built environment.

    Great news.

  2. You can imagine Ford’s statement if the roles were reversed.

    “It is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money to force a by-election,” said Mr. Ford, who endorsed Ms. Augimeri’s opponent, Gus Cusimano, in the Oct. 25 campaign. “The voters made a ruling. Let’s get on with governing and respecting the taxpayers.”

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