Thursday’s headlines

• Sole source purchases in Toronto reached $154 million last year [The Star]
• City was hasty in erasing mural, councillor says [The Star]
• Councillor moves to ban shark fin in Toronto [The Star]
• Bike hits and misses [Now]

• Doug Ford didn’t come back for you either [Now]
• James: Unorthodox Rob Ford coated in Teflon [The Star]
• Complainants retain high-profile lawyer in fight against Ford [Globe & Mail]
• The Rob Ford Agenda: May 24-30 [The Grid]

• Toronto police G20 probe a ‘cat and mouse’ game, lawyer warns [Globe & Mail]
• Outrage over G20 [The Sun]
• Citizens urge review judge to get to bottom of G20 [The Star]
• Police behaviour at G20 decried at inquiry [National Post]
• We deserve better than a police force staffed with thugs and cowards [The Grid]

• Miller time again [The Grid]
• Toronto Humane Society elects new board [The Sun]
• Fiorito: TCHC tenant election does not restore confidence [The Star]
• Robert Fulford on living with raccoons [National Post]
• Pre-pay policy explored to stop ‘gas and dash’ incidents [The Star]
• Shepherding change, one youth at a time [The Star]
• CN Tower EdgeWalk overwhelmed by high demand [The Star]
• The 5¢ non-solution [Now]

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  1. Inside Toronto has a great report on the Sheppard subway financing options. It is a sequel of sorts to Royson James’ column, where Ford’s transit financing czar, Gordon Chong, is quoted as saying that the subway cannot be built without road tolls.

    Chong told Inside Toronto that in order to achieve the densities necessary to make a P3-financed subway viable, the City will need to start zoning 30-40 storey buildings along the route. To understand what a radical change this would be, this is what Victoria Park and Sheppard looks like today.

    There is no way Scarborough residents will let developers demolish Johnny’s Hamburgers!

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