Friday’s headlines

• Ford: Sell 928 TCHC homes [The Star]
• Ford plans to sell social housing stock to close budget deficit [Globe & Mail]
• Ootes wants city to sell 900 homes [The Sun]
• Sell 900 homes: Outgoing TCHC head [The Sun]
• Sell 900 houses to pay for repairs, Ootes urges TCHC [National Post]
• Fire victims refused to stay at 389 Church [National Post]

• Councillors bolt from zoo meeting [National Post]
• Zoo board meeting ends in uproar after councillors walk out [The Star]

• City’s 10% budget solution [The Sun]
• City ponders the 10% solution [The Star]
• City departments ordered to slash budgets by 10% [The Sun]
• TTC’s budget shortfall to swell in 2012 [Globe & Mail]
• Civilian board approves Toronto police contract [Globe & Mail]

• Downtown ducklings, gaggle of goslings helped by Toronto Wildlife Centre [The Star]
• Hume: Debacle on Dundas St. W shows city agencies just don’t get it [The Star]
• 65,000 still waiting for power after the storm [The Star]
• Day camp gives kids a city vacation [The Star]
• Has Toronto’s brain drain ended? [National Post]