Friday’s headlines

• Brothers Ford throw a shrimp on Rocco Rossi’s barbie [Globe & Mail]
• Ford poised to break promise of no layoffs [The Star]
• ‘Communist movement’ hiding in NDP, Mammoliti warns [National Post]
• Video: Hazel McCallion saves catch of the day for Rob Ford [National Post]
• The fish that didn’t get away from McCallion [The Sun]

• NDP pledges central role for public utility in power deals [Globe & Mail]
• NDP green plan would give cyclists more space, shut coal plants [The Star]
• Make room for bicyclists: NDP [The Sun]
• Province halts ‘very rich contract’ for TTC art consultant [The Star]
• UPDATED: Province pulls TTC art consultant job listing [National Post]

• Ford nixes Toronto’s nascent bid for 2020 Summer Olympics [Globe & Mail]
• Mayor’s office says no thanks to Olympic bid [The Star]
• Doug Ford says no-go on Toronto Olympics [National Post]

• Why try to disguise a tall tower [Globe & Mail]
• Street food revolution housed in shipping containers [The Star]
• Liberals vow ’20 minutes or free’ for ServiceOntario visits to renew licences [Globe & Mail]
• Norman Jewison wades into Ford-Atwood spat [The Star]
Von Hahn: City park’s once crisp greens wilted, wretched [The Star]

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