Monday’s headlines

• The alienation of Karen Stintz [Globe & Mail]
• Ford mum on vow to scrap land sales tax, as budget shortfall looms [The Star]

• Jack Layton, champion of positive politics, dead at 61 [Globe & Mail]
• Canada is weaker without Layton’s passion, conviction and smile [Globe & Mail]
• Reaction to Jack Layton’s death: ‘Canadian hearts are breaking’ [The Star]
• Jack Layton dead at 61 [The Star]
• Jack Layton dies of cancer [National Post]
• McParland: Jack Layton’s passing is a Canadian tragedy [National Post]
• Layton passes away after battle with cancer [The Sun]
• Layton remembered as a fighter [The Sun]

• Mallick: TTC fare hike like poison for the poor [The Star]
• Metrolinx ad ruled ‘misleading’ on electrification [The Star]
• Musicians vie for TTC busking licence [The Star]
• TTC art: What works, what doesn’t [The Star]
• Artists reap big payday for TTC station work [The Star]
• Union Station elevator down for two weeks [The Star]
• Spadina and College reopen after streetcar derailment [The Star]
• TTC service resumes after ‘fairly serious’ streetcar derailment [National Post]
• Consider this: Gas tax fund should be earmarked for public transit [Globe & Mail]

• Downtown universities want to keep pedestrian space indefinitely [Globe & Mail]
• Art bikes under attack [NOW]
• Should Toronto let the private sector handle parking? [The Star]

• Laneway tours will change the way you see Toronto [National Post]
• City hotline no help – until now [The Star]
• American activist documents life on Torontoo streets [The Star]
• 1 Love T.O. is looking to spread its message of community [National Post]
• Toronto’s construction chaos [The Sun]


  1. Have to say that I’m more than a little surprised there isn’t one link here to the news of Mr. Layton – particularly given that this didn’t get posted until 10:30am. He was a Toronto politician and a part of our landscape. I hope (and surely expect) that Spacing will provide commentary, but saddened to see it was not included on the morning news round-up.

  2. Kriss, your comment is spot-on and the headlines have now been updated to include (some) of the flood of stories covering Layton’s life, death, and legacy. There is no doubt he was a great leader for both the city and the nation. 

  3. Thanks, both. And thanks for posting the video from 1982 – this is how we want to remember Jack.

  4. Hope the Fordies see the light and let the universities keep their ped plazas.  I live not too far from Columbia University in New York, which decades ago pedestrianized 116th St, a street that ran straight through the campus.  You would never think of undoing that action today.

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