Friday’s headlines

• Mihevc warns against slashing city budget [The Sun]
• Backlash over Toronto library cuts gives Fords ‘pause for thought,’ Margaret Atwood says [Globe & Mail]
• Atwood on Ford fight: ‘I don’t need it’ [The Star]
• Doug Ford says he appreciates that Atwood doesn’t think he’s stupid [National Post]
• Ford bros not ‘stupid’ says Atwood [The Sun]

• Posted Toronto Political Panel: The city that Jack built [National Post]
• An emotional return to Toronto for Jack Layton [Globe & Mail]
• Visitation for Jack Layton in Toronto [The Star]
• Where and how the public can pay respects to Jack Layton [The Star]

• Take a streetcar ride into Ontario’s past [The Star]
• Roundabouts sexier than traffic lights [The Sun]

• For war veterans, little-known library is an oasis [The Star]
• Answering the distress call of the wild [The Star]
• Turning York Region’s garbage into vegetables [The Star]
• U of T engineers design bicycle that can top 100 km/h [The Star]
• Bricks fall from downtown building [The Star]
• City attraction passes on black market [The Sun]

One comment

  1. I was suspicious about why the Sun was writing about roundabouts, which are very progressive in terms of modern traffic planning. Sure enough, the raving ideologues there want them all over the urban core, because they can’t stand the idea of traffic lights that let pedestrians cross the street.

    Roundabouts are terrific, don’t get me wrong, but they should be used in rural areas. Many of Ontario’s rural highways now meet at traffic lights, which cause massive backups (48 and 12 is just one example). These should be roundabouts, which could handle the integration of streams much more smoothly. Just don’t put them in pedestrian areas, because the whole idea of a roundabout is for traffic to never stop.

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