Monday’s headlines

• Toronto has never seen anything quite like Layton tributes at City Hall [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto, in Jack Layton’s footsteps [Globe & Mail]
• Why Layton stands apart from most politicians [Globe & Mail]
• John Ivison: Layton turns into a legend [National Post]
• Layton’s death shows Canada’s hunger for politicians who inspire [Globe & Mail]
• Full text of Stephen Lewis’s stirring eulogy for Jack Layton [Globe & Mail]
• Final tribute to Jack Layton celebrates his message of hope, optimism [Globe & Mail]
• Why did Layton’s final act rivet us so? It followed a classical arc [Globe & Mail]
• Jack Layton’s funeral short on pomp, long on populism [Globe & Mail]
• Chris Selley: Layton’s funeral was fitting for a man of the people [National Post]
• Jack Layton RIP: Private pain, public grieving [National Post]

• Ford office aiming to take over Port Lands development [Globe & Mail]
• City wants to seize port lands project [The Star]
• Politics holding up $418M for affordable housing [The Star]
• NDP vows condo act reform in Ontario [The Star]

• Farewell, noisy, rattling, SRT. Hello…bus? [The Star]
• Bixi bikes from other cities could be hiding in a rack near you [The Star]
• An easy Toronto commute only in my dreams: Strobel [The Sun]
• Chris Selley: Commuters of the world, unite! [National Post]

• Maximum City course has teens planning tomorrow’s Toronto [Globe & Mail]
• Floating Around Toronto: The pay is sweet aboard a boat full of sugar [National Post]
• Best of Summer: Into the urban wild [National Post]
• The silent treatment at Buskerfest [The Sun]
• Thousands to party with the Fords [The Sun]
• Topless activists march through streets – but avoid the park [The Star]
• Where and when you can go topless in Ontario, and what it has to do with UFOs [National Post]
• How to make the most of the summer’s end with your family [National Post]

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  1. I guess a few weeks’ peace is the most we can expect between bouts of Fordian bullying.

    Hey Rob + Doug, stay out of topics that a) affect other people and b) require brains.

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