1. “Given that those modest cuts are giving council a case of the willies, it’s hard to see how he’s going to come up with the remaining 97%….” This council is to blame not the mayor. Some of the smartest investors in the world are currently positioning themselves for the collapse of the sovereign debt market and one or more currencies plus a healthy dose of hyperinflation so if the Rob Ford 2011 austerity plan is not working for you don’t worry it will get worse. Much worse.

  2. A lot of the councillors wish they had a daddy’s company (like the Fords) help pay for their office expenses and campaign expenses.

  3. Folks, this is basic arithmetic we’re talking about here. You can’t even call it math.

  4. “$0 – the amount Brother Doug purports to spend on his office expenses, notwithstanding an explicit city policy that members of council must disclose on all office-related expenditure paid for with private funds.”

    This whole experience of the Fords spending “$0” on office budget has usually left me wondering whether they do actually provide a list of office purchases and payroll. It doesn’t seem at all appropriate or legal that they should be allowed to get away with spending whatever they feel like on whatever they feel like with no accountability or oversight, just because it’s their own money.


    – It’s interesting that you note Europe is in a bit of a pinch, but Toronto isn’t in Europe. Canada’s 5 banks (all HQ’d in Toronto) are doing just fine. Toronto isn’t in a recession. And the budget was balanced in 2009 and 2010 (and appears to be alright in 2011 too).

    – There’s no need to come up with “the other 97%”. We could cut zero percent, and end up with essentially the same budget as we had in 2010. A balanced one.

    – I agree inflation is a factor. In Canada inflation is at 3.1% right now. If Toronto keps spending flat year on year (as is Ford’s plan), flat nominal spending is a 3.1% reduction in real terms.

    Councillors are not on board Ford’s austerity plan, because it’s not rational or necessary.

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