Monday’s headlines

• Decision day for Occupy Toronto [The Star]
• Fiorito: an open letter to the occupiers [The Star]
• Dimanno: beneath the legal veneer about the right to protest, the park squatters are bullies [The Star]
• Occupy Toronto takes on Ford with rally at city hall [The Star]
• Analysis: will Occupy movement find a place in history? [The Star]
• Evicting Occupy Toronto protesters would be violation of rights, lawyer argues [Globe & Mail]
• The precedent-setting possibility of Occupy Toronto’s eviction notice [National Post]
• The economics of Occupy [NOW]
• Occupy goes to court [NOW]
• St. James Park lines gets even fuzzier [The Grid]

• James: is feeding blue still good for you? [The Star]
• City hall talks loads of rubbish [The Sun]
• City councillors graded [The Sun]
• T.O. council gets a C+ in taxpayer report card [The Sun]
• City public art a bonus [The Sun]

• Vertical Toronto: going, going up [The Star]
• What’s up with One Bloor [The Grid]
• Toronto to place planning power in local hands [National Post]
• Gardens plan sparks controversy [The Sun]

• Union rally fails to move York region council [Torontoist]
• Toronto hopes to replicate Mexican Pan Am boisterous crowds [Globe & Mail]
• Losing elephants could cost zoo its accreditation [Globe & Mail]
• Thousands turn out to welcome Santa [The Star]
• Africentric school against everything Toronto stands for [Globe & Mail]
• Breakfast for homeless gives celebrities, corporate leaders a chance to listen [National Post]
• Historicist: the lasting legacy of Darling and Pearson [Torontoist]