Monday’s headlines

• Hume: Mayor Rob Ford has a better idea [The Star]
• James: Mayor Rob Ford, a crippled general laid bare [The Star]
• Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford’s subway move has been checked by city council [The Star]
• Sales tax to fund subways ‘not on’: Mihevc [The Sun]
• Civil servants being muzzled, critics charge [The Star]
• Fords kick into re-election campaign mode [Globe & Mail]
• Library workers one step closer to work stoppage [National Post]
• Ontario to Toronto: grow up [Torontoist]

• TTC flushes stinky washrooms, bad service from the system [The Star]
• Tickets to kindness [Torontoist]
• TTC collector shot in robbery at Toronto’s Dupont subway station [The Star]
• Onetime Toronto subway lover transfers support to LRT [The Star]
• Poll: Torontonians split on subways vs. LRT, don’t trust Mayor Rob Ford on transit [The Star]
• Struggling to get the TTC back on track [The Star]
• Transit deadline in council’s hands, Transportation Minister says [Globe & Mail]
• Transit strategy should be revisited from city’s core out [National Post]
• Andy Byford: from the Tube to the TTC [National Post]

• Review: radio show for Mayor Rob Ford brothers proves pretty dull [The Star]
• Radio free Ford? [The Grid]
• What colour is Rob Ford’s parachute? (Gravy-brown, of course) [Globe & Mail]
• Employees and supporters rally to keep Ontario Place open [The Star]
• Why is it that Torontonians are more than happy to wait in line for food? [National Post]
• Historicist: Yorkdale mall and the aesthetics of commerce [Torontoist]


  1. So… when talking about Transit City, Terence Corcoran at the Post says Sheppard & Agincourt to Humber College would remain a very long trip with multiple transfers, and calls this a big negative.

    But when talking about an unfunded Sheppard subway he carefully avoids the fact that this trip will remain a bus-subway-bus-subway-bus trip until the subway is built, if ever, after which it will become a… bus-subway-bus-subway-bus trip, though very slightly faster than today.

    The simple truth is that neither subway nor LRT are the appropriate mode to get from one end of Toronto to the other. That’s the job of GO, who should be working hard on planning a limited stop east-west commuter line in North Toronto, as well as providing a better service and fee structure to get people taking the GO downtown from Richmond Hill, instead of the Yonge subway.

    Most irritatingly, despite direct clarification from Gary Webster at the special Council meeting, Corcoran also continues to claim that maintenance and operations for a subway is cheaper than for surface LRT.

  2. Agreed 100%. Long-distance commuting trips should be the responsibility of GO Transit.

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