Wednesday’s headlines

• City council poised for casino fight [The Sun]
• Scarborough councillor calls for referendum on Toronto casino [National Post]
• Councillor wants to put Toronto casino question to referendum [Globe & Mail]
• What’s On City Council’s Agenda: April 2012 [Torontoist]
• Ford cancels weekly weigh-in [The Sun]
• Leafs’ mea culpa lost on councillors [The Sun]
• James: Councillor seeks to monitor immigrant children for abuse [The Star]
• End ‘suffering in isolation’ among abused immigrant youth: TO councillor [National Post]
• Council waives permit fees for sports fields [National Post]
• Motion to waive sports-field fees for kids passes unanimously [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto’s controversial sports field fees cancelled for 2012 [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford versus the lawyers [The Star]
• The Rob Ford audit: Tips welcome, auditor says [The Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford injures back throwing Easter candy at Beach parade [The Star]

• Family agrees to match gifts up to $50,000 to help save zoo [Globe & Mail]
• High Park Zoo gets $50,000 lifeline [National Post]
• Embattled High Park Zoo saved by last-minute cash donation [The Star]

• Fiorito: The Roma of Parkdale: yin and yang [The Star]
• Measures needed against epidemic of cellphone thefts, police chief says [The Star]
• Behind the closed doors of Toronto’s most stunning sacred spaces [Globe & Mail]
• Dining at Toronto’s Pearson Airport will get a big upgrade [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto’s economy marches on its stomach [Globe & Mail]
• LRT to Rain Destruction on Apricot Trees? [Torontoist]
• Train kills teen in Port Credit [The Sun]
• GO train strikes Mississauga high school girl, killing her [Globe & Mail]
• TIFF to get $50,000 from Ottawa for ticketing upgrade [Globe & Mail]
• Academic freedom at York University? More like academic myopia [Globe & Mail]