Urban Planet: Ikea Neighbourhood

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Move over Ektorp and Lack – Ikea is moving out of the living room and into the world of urban planning. The furniture giant’s land development arm, LandProp, is developing a series of all-rental private neighbourhoods. The first, Strand East, will be located in East London. “We want to be smart enough in our design that we can offer the product for a reasonable price,” says Harald Müller, the head of LandProp. While there will not be an Ikea store anywhere in or near the neighbourhood, the company will retain ownership of the properties. (The Globe and Mail)

Image from The Globe and Mail

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  1. The building in the foreground of Ikea London-ville looks just like the former Olympic Spirit building in Toronto that is now a City-TV/Omni office behind Dundas Square. Curious how the steel mesh architectural grammar moves about the world.

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