Thursday’s headlines

• Chris Selley: Time to talk about taking on the Fords [National Post]
• Spare cash enough to keep pools open in Toronto [Globe & Mail]
• Colle and friends chin wag: Levy [The Sun]
• How to get urban dwellers cycling: Make it normal [Globe & Mail]
• James: Return to LRT is a gift for both sides in the debate [The Star]
• TTC had 8,000 bus delays in March [National Post]
• Rookie councillor to put road tolls, regional sales tax before council [Globe & Mail]
• TTC operator pictured reading and driving [The Sun]
• Danish cyclist showing Toronto how to cope with sharing the road [National Post]
• Gee: It was alive, it was dead and now Transit City is back to life, maybe [Globe & Mail]
• Markham’s NHL bait: Will arena make bedroom community a city to rival Toronto? [The Star]
• Construction begins on U.S.-style outlet mall [CTV]
• Condos present challenge for Toronto firefighters: chief [CTV]
• CONTACT: Photo festival spotlights international talent [National Post]
• David Chang Says Momofuku’s Toronto Branch Will Open on July 28 [Torontoist]
• Hot Docs set for Yank invasion [Variety]


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  1. Yeah, a NHL-worthy hockey arena in Markham! Now, could you take Maple Leaf, please?

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