Monday’s headlines

• Toronto’s surplus makes Rob Ford a happy man [Globe & Mail]
• Fords take aim at top doc [NOW]
• Levy: Ford cuts the waste [The Sun]
• Gee: Mayor Ford’s ‘300 pounds of fun’ back in fighting form [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto mayor says reducing speed limit is ‘nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts’ [CBC]
• Budget chief wants to freeze pay of city’s top earners [Globe & Mail]
• Conflict allegations may oust Toronto mayor Ford [National Post]
• Public transit enthusiasts, consider the jitney! [National Post]
• Housing prices cause financial worries for affluent: researcher [National Post]
• Competition for films among Toronto’s festivals grow fierce [The Star]
• Sikhs celebrate Khalsa in T.O. [The Sun]
• Pride Toronto planning two festivals at once [Xtra]
• Vendors, customers shocked over sudden departure of St. Lawrence Market manager [The Star]
• A sneak peek at Toronto Zoo [The Sun]
• Exit of Toronto theatre producer Dancap ‘a tremendous loss’ [The Star]

One comment

  1. I see that the “Conflict allegations” story is actually from the Calgary Herald (using files from NatPost staff) — shows how story is being presented outside of Toronto.

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