Tuesday’s headlines

Mayor Rob Ford marks World Press Freedom Week [The Star]
Ford targets Star on his radio show [The Sun]

Councillor wants budget cuts reversed [The Sun]
Time running out on tax breaks for Woodbine Live! project touted by Mayor Rob Ford [The Star]
Detroit Housing Commission director to take over as president of TCHC [National Post]
Councillor seeks to restore program cuts with new-found surplus [Globe & Mail]
Toronto wants stores to donate part of 5-cent bag fee to planting trees [The Star]

Different versions of what happened on a TTC bus [The Sun]

Developer has no fear of a Toronto condo bubble [Globe & Mail]

Toronto businesses hope to ‘Celebrate Yonge’ by turning famous street over to pedestrians [The Star]
Gee: An upstream battle, but there’s hope for fish in the Don [Globe & Mail]
David Dunlap Observatory Lands issue heads to a Ontario Municipal Board hearing [The Star]
Pearson voted worst airport in national poll [Calgary Herald]
Hidden Toronto reveals the city as you’ve never seen it [The Star]
As patio season approaches, so does the season for licence requests [OpenFile]
Cumberland Cinemas To Become Nespresso Boutique, Says Real Estate Agent [Torontoist]
Elephants need to move before it’s too late [The Sun]