Yes, Spacing made a movie trailer for the Disaster Issue

Spacing’s newest and most cynical issue to date is about to hit newsstands (should be on shelves after May 31st). In order to celebrate this apocalyptic vision of Toronto we threw aside any notion of modesty in hopes of scaring the bejeezus out of you by producing our first magazine “trailer” promotional video.

The 90-second piece was conceived by the Spacing editorial team and assembled by Sam Javanrouh, Canada’s most outstanding photoblogger. The imagery used in the video are photos and illustrations that also appear in the upcoming issue.

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“The Landlord is Dead” by Do Make Say Think
“Gentlemen’s Song” by Friendly Rich

Video Production, Editing, and Graphics: 

Sam Javanrouh


Sam Javanrouh, Rob Pinciuc, Toronto Archives


Steve Murray, Mathew Borrett, Matthew Blackett

Todd Harrison & Matthew Blackett